Save your team
time, money &

Your employees can get expert, personalized benefits guidance from ALEX anywhere, any time, freeing up your team to focus on other work (or take a much-needed break).

With help from ALEX, your team might actually take a vacation this year.
Lowers HR Expenses

ALEX reduces (or eliminates) the need for benefits meetings and guides, saving you money on travel, printing, and shipping.

Saves Serious Time

ALEX relieves you from answering the same basic benefits questions over and over—especially “which plan should I choose?”.

Since there is no longer a need to repeat the same benefit information multiple times, we now have an opportunity to focus on other daily tasks and projects.”
T. Love, Benefits Specialist,
Loyola University Chicago
Loyola University Chicago Case Study

140 hours saved each year after using ALEX to manage virtual OE and onboarding

50% reduction in the number of benefits-related questions to Loyola's benefits team

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Allianz Case Study

12 Annual open enrollment informational meetings eliminated

100% Of associates chatted with ALEX

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