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Because ALEX shows the value of health plans, FSAs, HSAs, and retirement accounts so well, employees make better financial choices than their non-ALEX-using peers. And when that happens, your company saves money on premiums and payroll taxes, too.

ALEX saves your employees and your company serious money.
Dramatically Higher Contributions

Last year, ALEX users said they’d contribute an average of:

$2,620 to their HSAs, 36% above the national average of $1,921*

11.2% of their pay to their 401(k), 65% above the national average of 6.8%**

*Source: 2017 Devenir end-of-year report
**Source: 2017 Vanguard data

Tremendous Tax Savings

ALEX users’ HSA, FSA, and 401k contributions saved them a cool $312 million in taxes, and created $79 million in payroll tax savings for their employers.

So glad I did this. The HSA always scared me in the past and we didn’t get good information on it. This was a great asset and made me understand how it can save me money in my situation.”
Actual employee feedback
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