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Using our proven formula of behavioral science, plain English and tactical humor, ALEX helps employees understand their options—and make smarter benefits choices as a result.

ALEX helps your employees make better decisions about all your benefits.
Before Open

Before open enrollment, our ALEX Sneak Peek video previews benefits changes & important deadlines.

During Open

ALEX offers personalized guidance about which health plan to choose, and how much to contribute to retirement & tax-savings accounts.

All Year Long

ALEX helps HR teams provide a more helpful and less time-consuming onboarding experience to new hires.

So glad I did this. The HSA always scared me in the past and we didn’t get good information on it. This was a great asset and made me understand how it can save me money in my situation.”
Actual employee feedback
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say ALEX gave them a better understanding of their medical plan options

of users

say ALEX gave them a better understanding of their retirement options

of users

say ALEX helped them better understand the tax savings related to their benefits choices

Baylor College of Medicine Case Study

Baylor College of Medicine eliminated the need for time-consuming live orientation meetings, allowing for more flexible hiring practices

New hires can now complete their benefits orientation at their convenience—and many do so before their start date

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Extra Space Storage Case Study

85% of surveyed employees say they have a better understanding of their benefits

2x enrollments more than doubled from the previous year.

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