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By giving employees clear, personalized, bottom-line-focused guidance, ALEX helps you communicate the true value of your benefits offerings, and shows your people how much you’ll invest to keep them on your team.

ALEX shows off your awesome benefits, you attract and keep the best people.
Quality of

76% of employees who like their company’s benefits communications… like their benefits. On the flip side, if they think those communications are bogus… only 6% like their benefits.

Benefits are a

ALEX helps recruiting teams clearly communicate the value of your company’s benefits to in-demand candidates weighing their options.

Employees are Loyal

ALEX helps HR teams provide a more helpful and less time-consuming onboarding experience to new hires.

I LOVE this new way to be informed about our options. So simple and easy to follow, and helps you make the right decision for your situation. Awesome job with Alex! Great addition!
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