It’s Time to Play Open Enrollment Bingo (Download Your Free Card Now!)

Mark Rader Fun Stuff

OE-bingoLooking for a way to make your open enrollment prep time 10% more fun?

We invite you to play some Open Enrollment Bingo!

Here’s how it works:

Print out a PDF of your bingo card here (it looks exactly like the image below) and cut it out. Set it on your desk, and if/when your busy benefits life syncs up with one of the squares, set a penny on it. Or an M&M. Or an actual bingo chip, if you’re weirdly prepared like that.

And if you do hit BINGO, congratulations! You’ve won a great excuse to high-five yourself…and our respect.

Bingo Card Final_rev


Hope you enjoy, whether you play or not! And hang in there. You’ll be over the finish line before you know it.

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