7 More Memes About Open Enrollment That’ll Make You Smile

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7 more memes about OE copyIf you liked the open enrollment memes we shared a few weeks ago, hold onto your hat: we made you seven more!

Hope you and your benefits pals get a kick out of these. And if you have any ideas for OE memes we’ve missed, email Amy Stroup at astroup (at) jellyvision.com. Enjoy!

More Memes 2 copy

More Memes 3 copy

More MEMEs 4 copy

More Memes 5 copy

More Memes 6 copy

More Memes 7 copy

If you’re looking for other ways to make this busy OE planning season more bearable, check out our Open Enrollment Stress-Relievers page. And if you’re looking for great advice on creating more engaging OE communications, download our free 2017 Ultimate Open Enrollment Communication Playbook as well.

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