12 Benefits Your Company Would Offer If All Our Moms Were in Charge

Mark Rader Fun Stuff

In honor of Mother’s Day (it’s May 12, don’t forget!), here’s a list of the benefits we bet your company would offer if all of our moms were calling the shots. Please enjoy or we’ll tell your father:

  1. Weekly benefits fairs / mixers where maybe you could meet a nice boy for a change
  2. Health insurance that lets parents claim their kids as a dependent forever (awwwww)
  3. Half-price Curves membership
  4. Tax credit for the cost of driving up to see us once in a while
  5. Hugs and lots of ’em!
  6. Free Pizza Hut Personal Pan Pizza if you read 10 white papers in a week
  7. Unlimited chicken soup
  8. One passive-aggressive copy of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up
  9. VapoRub
  10. Student debt relief
  11. Free childcare (Hint-hint!)
  12. Mandatory buy-one-get-one-free family photo session at Sears (includes 2 sets of 5×7 frames)

Anyway…happy early Mother’s Day, everyone!

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