ALEX makes you stand out from the competition.

ALEX makes you stand out from the competition.

For busy brokers, benefits communication is often the last thing on the agenda, and even then it takes up a disproportionate amount of time and effort. The average amount of time a broker puts up into prepping benefits communication materials is 15 hours—per client. But despite all the booklets and benefits meetings, employees are still confused about their benefits and overwhelmed by the amount of information they have to sort through.

Brokers who put their focus on effectively communicating benefits through ALEX break the mold, adding huge value for clients and standing out in a competitive market.

  • ALEX engages each employee in a one-on-one interactive conversation, so they feel better about their decisions and are less likely to go into enrollment autopilot.
  • ALEX increases comprehension of HDHP and HSA migration, which reduces sticker shock.
  • ALEX uses behavioral science to drive change—so much so that last year employees who used ALEX contributed $1153 more to their HSAs than the national average.

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