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The Ultimate Financial Wellness Communications Playbook is Here!

Jenny Fukumoto-Pasko Financial Guidance

FW-Playbook-Cover-copyDOWNLOADDo you (or your colleagues in HR) sometimes struggle to find new ways to engage your employees about all things financial wellness? Ever crave a uber-helpful step-by-step guide for communicating about savings and spending advice that’s appropriate for your role…and a lot of fun? If so, you should take a second to download our brand-spanking-new 36-page eBook, “The Ultimate Financial Wellness Communications Playbook.’

Inside this eBook, you’ll find:

  • A month-by-month FW communication schedule for 2016
  • 9 tips for better employee engagement
  • 6 out-of-the-box FW communication ideas
  • Sample posters, fliers and more from ALEX Central
  • Links to a ton of other ALEX: Financial Wellness resources
  • And, to take the edge off, a financial wellness word search with a fun prize!

Want a sneak peek of the content? Here’s an excerpt with two of the nine tips for better financial wellness messaging on page 18:

1. Provide a list of ‘to-dos’–not general knowledge

Your employees don’t want to understand the principles of financial wellness. They want a list of stuff they need to do–and suggestions on when and how to do it.

So as you’re creating or curating content to share with your workforce, err on the side of using step-by-step checklists and suggested deadlines–and avoid broad advice.

2. Be positive and create a sense of progress.

In 2004, two USC professors conducted an experiment at a car wash, involving those ‘buy X, get one free’ loyalty punch cards. They gave half the customers a ten-wash card with two ‘starter punches’ and gave the other half an eight-wash card with no punches, then checked back later on to see at what rate the two groups filled their cards up with punches. It turned out that the first group got their free wash at almost twice the rate of the second, even though both groups needed the same exact amount of punches to
get there.

The point? If you make your employees feel they’re already moving forward, they’re more likely to keep moving forward. Assign them small, doable tasks (with suggested deadlines, even) to help them gain some traction and confidence in their ability to actually do this thing.

Like the cut of these tips’ jib? Get all nine (plus 30+ more pages of financial wellness communication goodness) for free right now:

Download the Financial Wellness eBook