Financial Wellness Communication Advice for June — by ALEX

Mark Rader Financial Guidance

In our free Ultimate Financial Wellness Communication Playbook, we share communication ideas you can borrow for every single month of the year to get the most bang for your FW communication buck. Here’s what we suggested in May. And here’s what we suggest for June. Not much too it, but that’s a good thing. 🙂

Hot Tip for June: Provide summer vacation savings and budgeting tips

Many of your employees will take extended time off in July and August. In June, while they’re likely still in planning mode, share some content about ways to save on their vacation…or how to budget better next year so they can afford a better, longer getaway.

Here are two links to consider sharing:
8 Money-Saving Summer Travel Secrets

7 Ways to Stick to Your Budget on Vacation

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