Financial Wellness Communication Advice for July and August

Mark Rader Financial Guidance

In our free Ultimate Financial Wellness Communication Playbook, we share communication ideas you can borrow for every single month of the year to get the most bang for your FW communication buck. Here’s what we suggested sharing with your employees in May...and in June. And now here’s what we’d suggest you do for July and August. (We know July came and went. Sorrrrrry.)

Okay, on to our two tips!

Help your employees talk to their kids about money

Many of your employees have (or know) kids in high school or college working summer jobs right about now. So why not share some investing tips for teens they can pass along? (It’s never too early to learn about the magic that is compound interest!) Here are a few links worth passing on:

Share education-themed financial wellness advice

August is generally a tough month to get people to listen. They’re on vacation, they’re working summer hours. So it’s okay to lower your expectations a little. If you do reach out to your employees in August, however, consider sharing education-themed financial wellness content. Specifically, consider tracking down and sharing resources that provide:

  • Ways to save on school supplies (used textbooks, anyone?)
  • Strategies for setting aside tax-free money for your kids’ education
  • Strategies for paying off student loans

And that’s it!

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