The HR Olympics (AKA open enrollment) are almost here, and these are arguably the most important games in recent memory. You’ve been training hard all year to expand your benefits offerings in response to Covid, and are finding innovative ways to support employees through this new normal. But all of those resources will go to waste if no one uses them. So this open enrollment is all about maximizing your benefits investment—by driving awareness around new offerings, and helping employees choose and use the benefits that will best serve them in the upcoming year.

Join us on August 4, 2021 for an Open Enrollment Opening Ceremony, where leading HR experts will share:

  • What to expect during this year’s open enrollment, based on what we learned in 2020
  • How to make your gold medal-worthy benefits package work even harder for you
  • A game plan for benefits engagement done better

Join us at the HR Olympics

Meet the speakers

Zoë Harte

Chief People Officer, Upwork

Joey Price

CEO, Jumpstart:HR

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