When it comes to benefits communication, a little humor can go a long way. Done right, it can delight and surprise your employees, keep them engaged, and motivate them to take action. Done wrong, it can make your employees groan, roll their eyes, and feel disrespected or misunderstood. (Sad clown horn sound).

If you’re in the market for few simple tips on making your benefits communications more engaging and interesting (and if you’d appreciate a delightful drawing of Carrot Top) we’d recommend you download Five Thoughts on Using Humor in Benefits Communication today.

Want a taste? Here’s Tip #1:

Size Up Your Audience

Spend a minute putting yourself in the shoes of your intended audience – every single time you create something new.

Sounds simple, but it takes real mental and emotional energy to do it. Ask yourself: How are most people, in this moment in time, likely to respond to this subject matter? What do they care about most? What probably annoys them the most? Thinking through your audience’s likely frame of mind will help you better gauge what’s fair game to make a little light of (and what’s not).

For all five tips (which will take you only about 2 minutes to read)…

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