Damn Good Communication: JetBlue Keeps Us Smiling

February 22, 2016 | Niral Patel | Damn Good Communication | No Comments

Most companies use email campaigns to “keep in touch” with consumers while “gently reminding” us to buy their new products, try out their services or simply visit their website again.

Most of those emails flop—they’re too boring, too wordy or too sales-y to make us do anything but hit the delete button.

JetBlue’s take on email campaigns is far more refreshing. Take a gander!

jetbluepic big

What makes it work so well? I’m glad you asked:

  • It’s conversational. Using “our” and “you” instead “JetBlue” and “customer” feels much more natural. And humor, emojis and quiet parenthesis[1] each help soften the message in their own special way.
  • Small, simple images break up the words and make the message easier to process. Plus, it keeps your eyes moving down the page.
  • The email flows well. It moves from recognizing an anniversary to thinking up ways to celebrate the milestone and eventually lands (humorously, in my opinion) with the writer suggesting that you buy some plane tickets for the celebratory trip. All without feeling too pushy.

Thumbs up, JetBlue! You’ve made more than a few people over at Jellyvision smile with this one. 🙂

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