Thales USA, Inc., designs and builds electrical systems and serves the aerospace, defense, transportation, and security industries.
Aerospace Manufacturing
3,000 benefit eligible employees
EPO; HMO; two CDHPs with HSAs
The Problem

Thales USA, Inc.’s most expensive medical plan—the PPO—wasn’t giving their employees much bang for their buck.

After searching for a higher-value plan, Thales chose to offer a consumer-driven health plan (CDHP) with an HSA for their 2017 open enrollment. But employees tend to stick with their old plans rather than switch over to something new.

Despite employees showing interest in the new plan, Thales worried that they wouldn’t understand how the CDHP or HSA worked and would stick with the PPO. They needed a way to drive awareness of and engagement with the new plan option to drive down healthcare spending all-around.

The Plan

Rather than relying on an avalanche of emails and pamphlets, Thales brought in ALEX to explain how their new plan worked. ALEX showed the employees how the CDHP and HSA could benefit their health and their finances, and asked each employee personalized questions to determine if the new plan was right for them.

The Outcome

6% of Thales’ employees enrolled in the CDHP plan—10% more than expected. And those employees contributed an average of $1,920 to their shiny new Health Savings Accounts—over $100 more than the national average.

Because of ALEX, there was an uptick in informed questions from employees this OE. And that saved time for me since I didn’t have to keep explaining what they should be thinking about when making their decisions.”

Jacob Mangin Country Benefits Manager, Digital Transformation at Thales

ALEX was received well, and I really appreciated how user-friendly it was. It helped employees make an informed decision and figure out which new plan offerings were best for their needs.”

Jacob Mangin Country Benefits Manager, Digital Transformation at Thales
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