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9,000 benefits-eligible employees
The Problem

Already an ALEX Benefits Counselor customer, Stantec wanted to make sure they were providing thoughtful, personalized leave of absence support even as the company grew dramatically by acquisition. Curating and sending different sets of information to employees taking different kinds of leaves, and constantly having to update this information to reflect the latest state leave law information was extremely time-consuming. Additionally, managers and supervisors beyond the leave team felt they lacked the knowledge required to provide consistently accurate answers to employees’ leave questions.

The Plan

Stantec rolled out ALEX on Leave of Absence in January 2018. First, they demoed it to leadership and HR consultants outside the leave team. This ensured they had the opportunity to provide feedback and to get their support in bringing ALEX on. This also enabled leaders to get onboard early and to point employees to ALEX. Then they made ALEX on LOA available to the rest of their employees, putting a link on their intranet, in their benefits guide, and in other communications.

The Outcome

Before ALEX, the leave team had been spending 50% of their time providing extra support to special cases and helping employees already out on leave and 50% answering basic leave questions and sending materials to employees about to take a leave. With ALEX, the ratio changed to 80% and 20%—exactly what they hoped for.

Phone calls that normally lasted 45 minutes now lasted 30 minutes because employees were more familiar with the basics and came ready to ask more targeted questions. Also, because ALEX answered so many questions, the team was able to pare down their 40-page Leave Guide by almost half.

With ALEX, managers, supervisors and the HR team focused less on managing paperwork and more on improving the wellbeing of their employees by answering their unique leave questions. Meanwhile, employees appreciated having a convenient way to access information and understand both what to expect and who to reach out to if they had further questions.

“Stantec continues to increase in size and the administration of a leave also continues to increase based on the number of new employees. You can imagine the paperwork involved with a leave that was going out the door. Not to mention having to remember to send all the correct information every time. ALEX eliminated the need for my team to do a lot of this administrative work and allows them to spend more quality time with employees, which is great.”

Jane Standing Manager, Leave of Absence Administration; Stantec

“I feel a little less nervous now, thank you!”

Employee, Stantec
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