The Problem

A Virginia-based healthcare system was looking for an affordable, convenient way to help their job prospects, new hires, and existing employees appreciate their benefits and make more informed benefits decisions. They also wanted something that would save them money on communications costs and cut down on time spent preparing and sharing benefits information.

The Plan

With ALEX doing the heavy lifting on benefits education, the team didn’t need to create their own benefits guide. Instead, before and during open enrollment, the benefits team sent out the ALEX link to all their employees. Outside of open enrollment, they shared the link with new hires and their colleagues in recruiting sent the link to job candidates during the interview process.

The Outcome

Doing away with their benefits guide saved the team $30,000 in printing and mailing costs, as well as dozens of hours spent putting together custom benefits information and answering phone calls. Also, this customer’s recruiting team uses ALEX to showcase the value of their benefits package to job candidates, giving them a distinct competitive advantage.

We don’t get many calls anymore. Our phones aren’t ringing constantly. Now, we have time to focus on future improvements and processes. We can work smarter, and our employees can have access to a program that engages them.

Manager, Benefits & HRIS Regional Hospital System

ALEX has been life-changing for our recruitment team because now they can just send a link, and candidates can share the benefits information with their spouses. If you’re an employer who wants to be innovative and work with technology, this is the direction you ought to be going.

Manager, Benefits & HRIS Regional Hospital System
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