Health Care
6,100 benefits-eligible employees
The Problem

Ministry Health Care needed a clear, consistent explanation of their new HDHP with HSA. But because their employees worked around the clock in a variety of locations, in-person sessions weren’t an option. “For us to try and get out to every facility—to sit down with everybody and go through their benefits individually—is frankly just impossible,” explained System Director Kerry Brunner. They needed a personalized benefits solution that was online, on-demand, and available 24/7.

The Plan

Ministry Health Care brought in ALEX to explain the value of the new HDHP and HSA to their employees, and to walk them through their other benefits. ALEX could provide personal guidance to every employee, showing them cost projections based on their estimated medical usage, so they could see for themselves if the new HDHP was right for them. And because ALEX is online and always available, employees could access it anytime, from anywhere.

The Outcome

ALEX successfully reached the widespread workforce, achieving over 100% utilization by Ministry Health Care’s 6,100 employees. 97% of surveyed employees found ALEX’s medical insurance module to be helpful—in fact, Ministry Health Care employees loved ALEX so much they passed along links to family members so everyone could understand their benefits options. Thanks to ALEX, enrollment rates for the new HSA were twice what the Ministry Health Care benefits team had projected.

“ALEX is the most effective tool I’ve ever seen or come across for communicating benefits.”

Kerry Brunner System Director, Benefits; Ministry Health Care

“Love this program. This is the most clear the explanations have been in my 15-year career.”

Employee, Ministry Health Care
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