170 benefits-eligible employees
PPO and HDHP with HSA
The Problem

A Wisconsin-based manufacturing company decided to take the advice of its broker (Assurance) and roll out a new high deductible health plan (HDHP) to stabilize health insurance costs. They knew it was a good idea, but worried that their employees wouldn’t recognize the value and savings potential of the new plan.

The Plan

Along with hosting several HSA-focused employee meetings led by Assurance, the manufacturing company deployed ALEX to explain the value of HDHPs and help employees decide if it was the right plan for them.

The Outcome

33% of the manufacturer’s employees migrated from the PPO to the new HDHP/HSA plan. That migration saved the manufacturer more than $2,000 per employee in premium costs, adding up to nearly $90,000 in the first year.

“When a client offers multiple medical plans, and employees don’t even know what some of the basic terms are, having something like ALEX to help define the best plan is just invaluable.”

“ALEX is a really fun education tool that is going to help employees pick a plan that is right for them. They’re going to feel confident about the plan they’ve picked, and they’re also going to know how to use it.”

“When we show the demo to our clients—when we explain exactly what’s possible with ALEX— it sells itself completely, and people buy into it right away.”

Melissa Erenberg Benefits, Communication and Education Consultant; Assurance
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