The Problem

This state government successfully used ALEX to engage employees and drive enrollment in a new HDHP in 2016. Impressed by these results, the benefits team wanted to ensure that they saw continued employee engagement and increases in HDHP migration and HSA contributions for years to come.

The Plan

Aiming to reach every employee, this customer’s benefits team ran a “total saturation,” get-the-word-out campaign that included at least 10 different ALEX-related messages. Over three years, their methods included circulating a picture of the governor posing with an ALEX standee; a pop-up message featured within the company’s timekeeping portal; strategically-placed tabletop standees; emails; and postcards sent to employees’ homes.

The Outcome

Thanks to this customer’s multi-channel messaging approach, the usage rate for ALEX never fell below 75% over three years. HDHP enrollments increased by more than 600% and HSA contributions nearly tripled. On top of that, employees consistently asked fewer questions, freeing up the HR team to focus on other strategic efforts.

“There’s always this second-guessing with our employees that they’re choosing the wrong plan. The role ALEX plays for our employees is helping them feel confident in what they choose…and reducing the number of times they call on us and say ‘Just tell me what to do.’”

Benefits Manager for this customer

“Part of our ongoing struggle is that we’re trying to get everything ready to go while our legislature is still meeting, so often we’re not totally sure what it is we’re implementing until the last minute. Our Jellyvision implementation team never made us feel guilty about missing deadlines and always came to us with humor in our meetings.”

Benefits Manager for this customer
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