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4,525 benefits-eligible employees
The Problem

When IHS and Markit merged to form IHS Markit, the benefits team was faced with a new communication challenge: former IHS employees (who were mostly mid-career) knew a lot about the HDHP plan and HSAs, but former Markit employees (mostly Millennials) did not. The benefits team knew they needed to reach both sets of employees but weren’t sure how.

The Plan

Instead of coming up with two separate benefits communications plans, the team enlisted ALEX to meet each employee at their own level of HDHP knowledge. Those who were new to the plan and needed a lot of education could talk to ALEX for as long as they needed, while those who were wise to the ways of the HDHP could get a quick refresher or skip ahead.

The Outcome

Thanks to ALEX, IHS Markit’s benefits team was able to provide personalized benefits education and decision support that met the needs of all their employees. In addition to getting existing IHS HDHP users to stick with an HDHP, a large number of former IHS and former Markit employees enrolled in an HDHP for the first time; more employees opened an HSA than in previous years; and the team faced fewer employee questions than expected.

“We merged two companies that had very different types of plans previously. ALEX did a really good job of teaching people about their options, at an easy level, and helping them try out different avenues before they made their choices.”

Suzanne Thomas Associate Director, Americas Region Benefits at IHS Markit

“There are so many things that are just so unclear to people on what to do. That’s where ALEX is so valuable because he breaks it down to a level where people say, 'Oh, that makes sense.'”

Suzanne Thomas Associate Director, Americas Region Benefits at IHS Markit

“ALEX was the best benefits tool I have encountered. Very intuitive.”

IHS Markit Employee
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