4,400 US-based employees
HMO; PPO; Two HDHPs introduced in 2014
The Problem

IN 2014, ICF International knew they were on track to trigger the ACA’s excise tax. In order to keep costs down, they’d need to get more employees on high deductible health plans, but they didn’t want to force anyone out of a co-pay plan before they were ready.

The Plan

ICF decided to keep their current co-pay plans, but introduce two new HDHPs. They knew that employee education would be crucial for the CDHPs to be successful, so they brought in ALEX to walk each employee through their choices and offer personalized advice.

The Outcome

Based on the plan designs, ICF was expecting 20% of their employees to migrate to a CDHP. But after ALEX, 50% of employees enrolled, which meant enormous cost savings and happy employees.

“We knew it wasn’t going to be easy to convince people to go away from a copay plan. This kind of move can be an uphill climb, and the only way to ensure adoption is to ensure understanding. We partnered with ALEX so we could provide employees with personalized decision support to make their choices easier.”

Kristen Butler Vice President of Global Total Rewards and Technology, ICF International

“If we achieved our goal of 20% enrollment, our benefits costs would have increased by 8.6% over those for 2013. Instead, we got 50% enrollment, so we ended up with only a 3.7% increase in cost. Thanks to ALEX, we saved so much more than we were projected to save.”

Kristen Butler Vice President of Global Total Rewards and Technology, ICF International

“Very helpful walk-through of plan features. In particular, explaining the out-of-pocket prescription costs (which initially worried me under CDHP II) and that the HSA money can accumulate year after year.”

Employee, ICF International
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