Health Care
3,200 Employees
The Problem

Hendrick Health System knew that helping employees improve their financial wellness would boost their overall sense of wellbeing, but they couldn’t get more than a handful of employees to attend their financial wellness meetings and seminars. “Before ALEX, everything we were doing around financial wellness required employees to show up in person,” explains director of human resources Courtney Head. “Our employees work on multiple shifts, and we never really had anything web-based that could reach a lot of people at any one time.”

The Plan

Hendrick Health System brought in ALEX on Financial Wellness to offer each employee a helpful, personalized conversation about their finances—while still protecting their sense of privacy. And since ALEX was available online 24/7, he could work with every employee’s schedule, and deliver the same message.

The Outcome

ALEX resulted in an immediate surge in financial wellness engagement. The number of employees that had a conversation with ALEX was more than ten times the number that usually attended in-person seminars—and 81% of surveyed ALEX participants said they were ready to make a positive financial change. “ALEX definitely gives us more bang for the buck in terms of participation,” says Head. “We know we’re going to get 300–500 people to use ALEX whenever we send out our reminders, which is about once a quarter, but when we were offering in-person sessions, a turnout of 30 people would be pretty good. Getting 300–500 people for a live session would be miraculous.”

“There really is no downside to working with Jellyvision. We’re able to offer something like ALEX on Financial Wellness, which a lot of our employees use, at a really inexpensive cost to the company.”

Courtney Head Director of Human Resources; Hendrick Health System

“This took all the pressure away from speaking to a professional about my somewhat private matters. Thanks!”

Employee, Hendrick Health System
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