Financial Services
329 benefits-eligible employees
HDHP/HSA, co-pay PPO Plan (co-pay PPO Plan New for Plan Year 2015)
The Problem

Glenmede dropped their co-pay plan and started offering an HSA plan, but employees wanted their old plan back (even if it meant paying more.)

The Plan

The following year, Glenmede brought back the co-pay plan, but enlisted ALEX to help employees understand how their HDHP/HSA plans worked and why it might actually be the smarter financial option.

The Outcome

ALEX interviewed each employee about their personal situations and provided recommendations on their best-fit plans. In the end, only a dozen employees returned to the co-pay plan.

“Given the lack of full understanding from when we initially rolled out the consumer directed plan, we wanted to make sure employees were well supported in the decision making process of choosing their plans. That was one of the reasons why we wanted to work with ALEX. We firmly believe based on our survey data that employees would have made different choices without ALEX’s help. ALEX actually changed their decisions, with only 12 employees enrolling in the co-pay plan as a result.”

Ann Marie Bell Director of Human Resources, Managing Director; Glenmede Trust Company

“[ALEX] helped me make sure I understood all my options. It was great that it had me answer questions so that it gave me my best and cheapest option.”

Employee, Glenmede Trust Company
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