Technology & Entertainment

Around 3,000 Benefits-eligible Employees
PPO, HMO, and HDHP with HSA
The Problem

Entertainment & Technology Company, an anonymous interactive entertainment company, was formed by a merger in 2016. In addition to harmonizing the benefits offerings of two different companies and making sure all plans were equal or better than what had been offered before, the brand new benefits team had to create an entirely new benefits culture that could engage employees and help them understand and appreciate the value of their options.

The Plan

The Entertainment & Technology Company’s benefits team would use the ALEX Benefits Sneak Peek video to prime employees for important benefits news and announcements, eliminating any possible surprises. Then during enrollment ALEX would follow through by delivering critical decision support and benefits guidance on the new plans.

The Outcome

Usage exceeded expectations (around 2,000 visits for 3,000 employees), and the company enjoyed a bonanza of positive enrollment outcomes. PPO enrollments dropped by 6%, HDHP enrollments increased by 6%, and the level of waived coverage dropped to just 4% across the organization.

“We didn’t have a problem with benefits proficiency or literacy. The issue wasn’t that people didn’t understand their options—the issue was they weren’t engaged. Our communications weren’t targeted to get the best outcomes or to drive employees to the most efficient plans.”

Director, Compensation and Benefits; Entertainment & Technology Company

“ALEX was an integral part of our communication campaign, and the feedback from our employees was phenomenal. You can tell they’ve never had access to a model of that capability before.”

Director, Compensation and Benefits; Entertainment & Technology Company

“Excellent breakdown of the coverage, but, more importantly, a really excellent breakdown of common terminology to help me better understand the differences in the plans.”

Employee; Entertainment & Technology Company
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