Construction Services
6,725 employees
PPO and HDHP with HSA
The Problem

Although the firm’s employees liked the two PPO options they had and understood how they worked, the plans were self-funded, and the benefits team realized that moving to a more consumer-driven plan design could result in significant cost savings for everyone.

The Plan

By engaging each employee in a one-on-one conversation, ALEX would explain the possible benefits of the HDHP, reducing sticker shock and empowering employees to make good decisions.

The Outcome

ALEX shattered the firm’s expected 35% enrollment rate for the new HDHP. With ALEX’s personalized advice, 68% of employees recognized the value of the HDHP for their situation and enrolled. And because the firm’s plans are self- funded, the savings were huge for both employees and employer alike.

“Using ALEX to introduce an HDHP is invaluable because HDHPs are so new, and change can be scary to employees.”

HR Specialist; Construction Services Firm

“ALEX helped deliver an excellent, excellent turnout. We were so impressed with the enrollment in the high deductible plan—that is extreme cost savings.”

HR Specialist; Construction Services Firm

“It is very helpful for me to play this ALEX tutorial for my spouse so she can understand the plan as well.”

Employee; Construction Services Firm
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