Legal Services
883 US-Based, Benefits-eligible Employees
POS and two HDHP/HSAs
The Problem

Axiom’s benefits associate was spending up to 40% of her work week responding to benefits questions. Upon learning this, Axiom’s People and Learning team knew they needed to free up her time while still providing employees with solid decision support.

The Plan

Axiom enlisted ALEX to overcome one of their biggest communication challenges: Effectively reaching its large population of remote and virtual team members who can’t participate in face-to-face conversations without burning out their one-woman HR team.

The Outcome

Axiom was delighted not only to see improved communications, but also additional migration activity from its POS to its HDHP with HSA options (plans that had been launched two years prior).

“The number one question that always comes up for us is, ‘Well, which plan should I choose?’ I don’t think people coming out of the sessions we used to hold would have said they had a better understanding of their benefits. But with ALEX, 77% of our team members now say they understand their benefits better, and that to me is a huge win and a real measure of success. To come out with those numbers is pretty exciting.”

Erin Miramontes Senior Manager of Global Benefits; Axiom Global, Inc.

“[ALEX is] great—the best I have ever seen!”

Team Member, Axiom Global, Inc.
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