Jellyvision wants to help you succeed.

Jellyvision wants to reinvent how employees choose and use benefits. Our signature product, ALEX, is a trusted adviser for employees, providing helpful benefits guidance and putting a spotlight on the unique solutions you work hard to provide for your clients.

When benefits advisors, like you, partner with Jellyvision, they see results.

Save valuable time
and resources.

ALEX reduces the time you and your team spend answering common benefit questions allowing you to  focus on benefits strategy.

Improve your
bottom line. 

You do better when your clients do better. Keep a leg up on the competition as you leverage ALEX to improve the benefits engagement experience. Together, let’s win more business and reduce client churn.

Expect easy implementation and personalized service.

You work hard to provide exceptional customer service to your clients. We think you deserve the same. With Jellyvision, you can expect a direct point-of-contact and a dedicated implementation team to ensure a smooth roll-out for your clients.

Help your business and your clients with ALEX.


These features help your clients improve employee engagement—so they keep coming back to you for their benefits strategy, year after year

Increase voluntary benefits adoption.

To help make voluntary benefits more visible, ALEX will cover these benefits earlier in the decision-making process—right after employees pick a medical plan.

Offer a mobile-friendly experience in English and Spanish.

Give employees more flexibility to choose how they want to interact with ALEX Go—a text-based, compact benefits experience in both English and Spanish

Help employees choose in-network providers.

Reducing out-of-network costs is just one of the ways ALEX turns employees into smart healthcare consumers. Employees can check for in-network providers and compare different providers—even across carriers—all within ALEX.


ALEX Connect—Engage employees via the ALEX smartphone app. 

Allow employees to easily access all of their benefits information 24/7 with the touch of a button—anytime, anywhere.

About ALEX

Our sophisticated benefits engagement platform, ALEX®, is designed to delight with human psychology in mind. By providing 24/7 resources and guidance at key moments when employees are already thinking about their health and welfare, we create employee engagement that drives better decisions and a more prosperous future. With employers spending a whopping $1.2 trillion on benefits annually, the time is right for a new approach to benefits and engagement.

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