Last year, Rob Pariseau, Managing Advisor at Baldwin Krystyn Sherman Partners in Tampa, Florida sold ALEX to five clients with fewer than 100 EEs. Why? Here’s Rob in his own words:

“I think that smaller companies need ALEX even more than larger companies because they have so little in the way of benefits expertise and resources.

At the end of every open enrollment meeting employees used to come over and say, ‘Okay, great, so what’s the best plan for me?’ My client and I would say, ‘Well, it depends’ and then try to help them predict their needs and make recommendations. But it was tedious and risky.

Now we just say, ‘Talk to ALEX.’ ALEX leads employees to a good decision and shows them graphically why. Plus, it saves our teams a lot of time, enhances the user experience and the client’s image, and is actually fun. I’m a big ALEX fan.”

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