According to Shannon Swanson, VP of Employee Services at APi Group, her only regret about ALEX is that she didn’t offer it to her organization sooner.

“I was at a conference and I heard [Jellyvision founder] Harry Gottlieb speak about ALEX,” she recalls. “And I thought, I need this in my life…like, years ago.”

Every year since bringing on ALEX in 2012, APi Group has returned to ALEX for their benefits communication needs. Here are few reasons why:

1) ALEX saves their team time and money. Thanks to ALEX, the team now sends employees reminder postcards instead of benefit guides, which means they spend $6,000-$10,000 less on printing and mailing every year than they did pre-ALEX. They also save time and money on travel every open enrollment, since they don’t have to run onsite benefits meetings anymore.

2) ALEX has the flexibility to adjust to changing priorities. By adding new custom notes to their ALEX conversation as needed, the team has been able to promote their highest-priority supplemental benefits and wellness initiatives.

3) ALEX offers much-needed HSA decision support. Shannon notes that “[ALEX has] been really valuable to help people understand benefits and run healthcare estimates.” Her employees appreciate that support, she adds, since those estimates would otherwise be “a kind of a pencil-to-paper, calculator type of exercise that might be overwhelming.”

4) ALEX offers their employees a refreshingly positive user experience. “I think that people expect, due to the subject matter, that [ALEX is] going to be dry and boring,” Shannon says. “But it’s actually engaging. We’re pleasantly surprising people. I think that’s an important piece of it.”

5) Usage (and appreciation) of ALEX remains high year after year. Every year, new hires use ALEX to understand APi Group’s benefits, and existing employees check in to see what’s new, run some numbers, or adjust their benefits because of a life change (like a new baby or change in marital status). And last year 96% of surveyed employees found ALEX’s medical insurance guidance to be helpful.

Over the years, APi Group has done their due diligence and taken demos for other options, including video creation services and benefits admin systems that feature comparison tools. But year after year, they renew their contract for ALEX.

“We’ve looked at competitors, and what they offer, but haven’t been compelled to make a move,” says Shannon. “ALEX is such a positive contributor to the employee experience…and we want keep that at a high level.”