Here at Jellyvision, we do things a little differently when it comes to hiring people.

Not only do candidates submit a resume and cover letter, they go through a thorough interview and audition process that helps the company figure out both how capable they are for the tasks at hand…and whether they’re more likely to be a prima donna OR the sort of friendly, helpful person you’d like to spend 8 (or more) hours a day hanging out with.

It’s a highly unique and effective way to build a great company and company culture. And the uber-talented person who makes sure every step of the process is done with care and warmth is our VP of People Mary Beth Wynn…who (drum roll please…) was just named the 2015 Talent Acquisition Specialist of the Year by STAR (Society of Talent Acquisition & Recruitment) Chicago!

Mary Beth, who will be honored during an awards dinner tonight, Thurs., Oct. 1, said she’s really pleased Jellyvision’s approach is being recognized in this public way-and credits her team with putting Jellyvision’s hiring process on the map.

“I’m supported by wonderful folks who truly try to make every candidate interaction surprisingly human and enjoyable,” she said. “We know it’s a stressful process and try to make it the best experience it can be for candidates.”

Congratulations, Mary Beth! (And thanks again for hiring me!)

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