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A classic communication challenge: marketing something that’s uncool, boring-or just plain ugly. We all remember the classic case study about Gargoyle Automotive* and its rapid, very predictable path to failure.

This creative campaign from the French supermarket Intermarché manages to overcome the ugly and boring hurdles with some serious grace. In order to reduce food waste, Intermarché decided to start buying fruit and veggie rejects-the produce that’s totally delicious and nutritious but doesn’t look so great, so farmers throw it away.

Great idea, but…how to get shoppers to take a chance on the homely eggplants, carrots, and clementines?

Intermarché launched a promotional campaign that didn’t shy away from the unattractive factor. Ads, signage, and price tags clearly identified the produce as “inglorious.” Then, to prove that the ugly ducklings tasted just as good as their prettier counterparts, the supermarket did taste tests of soups and juices made with the inglorious vegsters.

It worked. Intermarché sold an average of 1.2 tons of ugly at each store during the first two days the Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables were available. Definitely damn good communication, and better yet-damn good communication for a good cause.

*Absolutely not a real thing.

H/t to Good.

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