User experience (or UX, as the acronym-philes like to say) is an essential consideration when designing software, websites, and other Internetty things. But UX is just as important in the real world.

For example, here’s some great real world UX:

Clothes hooks at Road Runners Sports

Our founder Harry spotted these clothes hooks at the Road Runner Sports by our office. Why isn’t every dressing room in America set up like this?

In the UX spirit of continual refinement and iteration, we’ve got a few suggestions for enhancing this already awesome idea:

  1. Adding a fourth, longer hook marked “TBD” where you can place clothes when you first enter the dressing room.
  2. A fifth hook that says “Already Mine” for the clothes you wore to the store.
  3. A sixth hook that dangles fresh fruit and glasses of champagne. (Ok, ok, we got greedy).

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