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This January, Jellyvision will host Engage 2022: A Fresh Take on Benefits Engagement. The half-day virtual event will be the first of its kind, bringing together hundreds of HR and benefits professionals to discuss what’s broken about employee benefits today, hit reset on our engagement strategies, and re-energize after an especially taxing year. 

Engage will take place on January 20 from 9AM – 12PM CT, and will feature interactive breakout sessions, inspiring stories from your HR peers, and hands-on panels and presentations. Ready to take your benefits engagement strategy to the next level? Here’s why you should join us: 

Join us for Engage 2022: A Fresh Take on Benefits Engagement. 

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1. Learn the difference between benefits communication and benefits engagement

Benefits communication has long been a foundation of HR, and there are certainly times when it’s necessary. But at the end of the day, benefits communication is old-school. It pushes messaging at your employees, whether or not they have a need or desire to pay attention. And as we step into a new era of HR, there’s a better way. 

At Engage, we’ll talk about why benefits engagement is the solution: by meeting employees where they are, at any time—with personalized guidance that helps them make smarter benefits decisions in the moment.

2. Gain the tools, strategies and technology necessary to finally win at benefits engagement

The future of health is virtual—and virtual solutions are here to stay. Join us at Engage to hear about the leading technology, strategies and tools that are making it easier than ever to connect with employees, drive smarter benefits decision-making, and ultimately keep your workforce healthier (all while saving your company time and money). 

3. Hear real-life benefits stories from your peers

It’s always best to learn from someone who’s done it before, right? At Engage, experts will share how they’ve successfully implemented benefits engagement strategies, including the tools, tactics and tech they used to make it happen. Plus, we’ll host breakout networking sessions to share your biggest wins and current challenges with your peers! 

4. Grab a cup of coffee on us! 

Still not convinced? We’ll sweeten the deal. If you’re like most HR and benefits pros right now, you’re worn out from an especially turbulent and demanding year. The Great Resignation has sent us into a hiring spree unlike any we’ve ever seen, you’ve become a healthcare expert and therapist for frazzled employees, and you’re now a strategic partner to your C-suite. 

So as a small token of our appreciation, all event attendees will receive a free cup of coffee—to help you reset, re-energize, and get inspired to hit the ground running in 2022. 

Engage is an invaluable opportunity to get actionable advice from HR and benefits leaders, learn how top organizations leverage technology to maximize their benefits investment, and participate in meaningful discussions with peers. We can’t wait to see you there!

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