costumesIt’s Halloween time, and just in case you’re still stumped about what to wear to the benefits-themed Halloween party you’re going to tomorrow night (wink-wink)…we thought we’d throw out a few last-minute benefits-themed costume ideas. Ready? Here we go!

#1. “The Affordable Scare Act”

Wear a werewolf mask. Cover yourself in 1,990 pieces of paper. Hand out Band-Aids and Vitamin C.

#2. “The FSA”

Go trick or treating in the costume of your choice. Then eat all your candy before midnight or risk losing it forever.

#3. “Sexy EOB”

Wear tight-fitting white leather pants totally covered in date of service and coverage information.

#4. “COBRA Insurance”

One snake mask. One Brooks Brothers suit.

#5.”The Biometric Scream”

Wear a stethoscope, a blood pressure monitor, and a Scream mask.

#6. “The Wellness Program”

Dress in Spandex head to toe. Do jumping jacks whenever the party gets awkward.

#7. Roth IRA Glass

From the waist up, dress like NPR radio personality Ira Glass. From the waist down, David Lee Roth. Make a point to say ‘Act one’ and shriek a lot.

#8. “Qualifying Events”

Dress up as a new bride or groom (marriage), carry around a diaper bag (new baby), roll your eyes when talking about your ‘ex’ (divorce) and walk around the party looking really disoriented (new hire).

#9. “Unused Vacation Dave”

Wear a dusty Hawaiian shirt and sigh a lot.

#10. “The 401(k)-nine”

Dress your dog up like a piggy bank. (See below).

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