Are you a regular Jellyvision blog reader? Having you been waiting on tenterhooks ever since the August 10 post about how we became an ITA CityLIGHTS Award Finalist? Are you like us and wondering just what the heck tenterhooks are?

Well, I can tell by how amazingly likeable you are through this screen that you are a regular Jellyvision blog reader, so it’s my pleasure to provide this update: We’ve gone from finalist to winner! Last night we took home the ITA CityLIGHTS Lighthouse award.

Jellyvision is the City Lights Award winner

We couldn’t be more thrilled.

This means we’ve been recognized by an amazing panel of expert judges. This means we’ve been supported by the Chicago tech community through the award’s public voting phase. That means the English-degree-having blog writers among us can make weird references about Virginia Woolf novels in blog headlines!

The shiny glass Lighthouse Award for Jellyvision

Anyway, if you helped vote for us, thank you. If you’d like to work for us, head on over to our jobs page and see if there’s a position that might be a good fit.

Jellyvision CEO Amanda Lannert with the Lighthouse Award

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