This week, CareerBliss (a career community website) published its 9th Annual List of the Happiest Companies in America.

Every year, the company looks at employee reviews of more than 200,000 employers and selects the 50 companies with the highest “Bliss Score”—a measure of satisfaction with company culture, leadership, overall work atmosphere, one’s relationship with co-workers and more.

This year, 14 of these top 50 companies are ALEX customers.

Is this a total coincidence? Maybe…but we doubt it.

We’re not saying that ALEX is the x-factor that makes an employee population shift from “kinda happy” to “really happy.” Obviously, many variables are at play. However, we will say that:

  • In general, ALEX customers are employers that are unusually concerned not only about providing great benefits communication but about the overall happiness of their employees.
  • ALEX users consistently note how thankful they are for a tool that not only helps them understand their benefits but also helps them make decisions they can feel confident about.*
  • According to a survey by Benz Communications, 76% of employees who say their company’s benefit communications are effective say they’re satisfied with their benefits. (Compare that with a mere 6% satisfaction rate among employees who say their benefits communication is ineffective.)
  • According to the 2017 AFLAC Workforces Report, 80% of employees who are “extremely or very satisfied” with their benefits also “agree or strongly agree” they are content in their jobs overall, compared to only 40% of those who are “not very or not at all satisfied” with their benefits.

In short, offering a world-class benefits communication experience is a big piece of the overall employee satisfaction puzzle…maybe bigger than you think. That’s why, when a bunch of our customers show up on a list of happiest companies in the country, we feel pretty happy too.

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See why ALEX makes employees happy for yourself.

*Seriously, we see hundreds of raves from ALEX users like these every year: “This is the best tool the company has ever offered”, “KEEP DOING THIS!!! I wish this existed when I first started, I’d have saved who knows how much money!” and “This was a complete joy to go through. I hope you’ll stick with ALEX next year!”