With the year’s end around the corner, we decided to look deep into our hearts—and our website analytics—to create a list of some of the most popular new articles and guides we shared in 2018. Here they are, in no particular order:

Helpful Tips and Stats

The Ultimate Open Enrollment Communication Playbook: 2018-2019 Edition

Jam-packed with unusually helpful planning, content creation, and promotion-related resources, this 40-page guide is the perfect sidekick for every benefits team that wants less stress, more engagement, and better open enrollment results.

The Benefits Communication Tactics Used By Our Most Successful Customers (Go Ahead and Steal Them)

Want a shortcut to a better open enrollment? Follow this simple template for employee engagement success used by some of our most successful customers.

8 Tips for a Super Helpful Benefits Presentation

Find out how to spice up your benefits presentations so your employees lean in, truly understand what you’re saying, and maybe, just maybe give you a standing ovation.

3 Tweaks You Can Make to Your HSA Communications to Boost Enrollment and Contributions

Nudge your employees to put more money into their HSAs by making these three simple adjustments to your benefits messaging.

The 5 Types of HR Data That Can Help You Build a Better Benefits Plan

Digging into these five types of benefits-related data will help you design a benefits plan that’s great for your employees—and your bottom line.

Stuff for Brokers

The Smart Brokers Guide to Benefits Communication: How to Find the Right Tools for Your Clients (and Get Help Funding Them)

Find out why upgrading your clients’ benefits communications is great for business AND how to navigate the buying process like a pro.

5 Reasons Why Brokers Should Make Benefits Communication a Top Priority

Find out why going big on benefits communication could be the smartest business decision you make all year.

Brokers, Steal and Use This Open Enrollment Overview Template Now!

Once OE is over, smart brokers send an overview report to their clients to show value. Lucky for you, we made an editable template for you.


HR Horoscopes

What dangers and delights does your next month hold?? Our new resident HR astrologist Bliss P. MacIntosh is pretty sure she knows.

7 Products You Need This Open Enrollment

Enjoy our list of not-real-but-should-be-real items benefits pros and brokers could totally use right now.