Let’s face it: Shopping for new benefits communication tech can be a tad…overwhelming.

There are so many products to choose from! So many pros and cons to weigh! So many internal stakeholders to make happy! So many demands to find the best tool but spend as little money as possible! It’s enough to make even the most even-keeled benefits pros throw up their hands and say, “UGHHHH! Let’s just do what we did last year.”

If you’re in this boat right now (or will be next year) I both feel your pain…and have some simple advice for simplifying your vetting process and getting more bang for your buck.

As you’re weighing your options, keep an eye out for software that not only solves your important HR-related problem(s) but is so easy-to-use and helpful at explaining the value of your benefits that it could help you land top talent and retain your best employees, too.

Land something like that, and you’ll not only solve your engagement problem, you’ll be helping your company reach its business goals, too.

The software features and benefits you prioritize will depend on what your employees value most when it comes to their benefits communication experience in general. If you’re not sure about what their priorities are, send out a simple survey to find out.

For some broader insights to guide you, consider that:
● 44% of employees say they wish enrollment was like shopping on Amazon, with the ability to easily compare plans*
● 67% of employees say that reading about their benefits is complicated, long, or stressful*
● We humans prefer experiences that are simple and personalized to their needs over ones that are confusing and one-size-fits-all

For more thoughts on creating a world-class benefits user experience, check out this article by our Chief Revenue Officer, Helen Calvin.

*According to the 2017 AFLAC Workforces Report

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