Hey there, brokers. And same to you, HR pros! Congratulations on making it through last year! (I hope you did a cartwheel and had a big glass of champagne to celebrate.)

Anyway, now that’s it’s a new year, it may be tempting to rest on your laurels a bit–and a little of that’s fine. But…if you want your clients to know you’ve truly got their back again this year, I’d highly recommend being proactive and reaching out NOW (as in January or early February) to let them know you’re excited to help out in the new year. Why do I suggest this? Because I’m a veteran HR pro and HR communication writer and speaker who uses a broker myself…and I sure do like it when I have this chat myself!

To help make this reaching-out process easier, I created the ‘new year check-in email’ below, which you should totally steal and tweak as you see fit. (It’s okay. That’s what it’s for.)

Hope it helps!

Dear [First Name],

Now that we’re at the start of a new year, I just wanted to say I’m really looking forward to partnering up with you and the entire [Company Name] HR team again. You accomplished a lot of great things last year [reference a few here]. Frankly, we’ve learned so much from YOU, our work together has really been more for our benefit, no pun intended. (Okaaay, pun intended.) 🙂

We’d love to get started talking about your goals for the next few years and how we can help you get there. Would you have time the end of this month or beginning of February to let us treat you to lunch and talk shop? If so, I’ll have [Assistant’s Name Here] on our end coordinate and find a good time.

(Broker Tip: My feeling is that any broker worth his or her salt talks about benefits planning in terms of years, plural, not just a single year. Also, if you’re able to do the heavy lifting when it comes to setting up a meeting, that alone is worth your retainer fee. The bane of an HR pro’s existence is herding cats to get stakeholders around a table. AND, HR pros are shameless about accepting food as a bribe. Shameless!)

Here’s what we thought we’d cover; should take about an hour:

(Broker Tip: Say how long you expect the meeting to take so that’s not a source of anxiety. And keep it reasonable.)

  • Renewing your benefits contracts. Let’s not let that get away from us so we can make some decisions now. Perhaps we’ll explore making the renewal dates the same for all contract.
  • Self-insurance. Although this isn’t for everyone, you get instant access to your data, can make decisions more quickly, and have more control over your plan.
  • The latest HR technology. We’d love to tell you about the latest, greatest options out there when it comes to telemedicine tools, decision support, consumerism tools, self-service options and more–and see if one makes sense for you this year.
  • Your recruiting strategy. Since benefits are a big part of attracting candidates, let’s determine how your program compares to the market.
  • HR support you may need. Don’t forget that we have a dedicated HR team to help answer any HR related questions you may have.
  • Legal support. It’s also worth reminding you that we have an attorney on staff to help you navigate all of the compliance items necessary to navigate the ACA, or whatever changes may come based on our newly elected President and Congress.
  • Your comprehensive claims report for last year. There are some assumptions we can make regarding types of services needed based on demographics.

(Broker Tip: ALL of the items bulleted above really should be in your dossier of services. You simply aren’t competitive if they’re not. And, they need to be discussed every year.)

Anyway–let me know if this sounds good to you, and, if so, we’ll get it set up. Thank you so much for your continued partnership! Here’s to a great year.


[Friendly Broker Person’s Name]