Webinars: everybody’s doing ‘em. 

Thanks to the global pandemic, conferences, networking events and workshops have all been cancelled, leaving us in the lurches when it comes to professional development. While we can’t gather in person, a whirlwind of webinars have taken over as a way to learn from other professionals, hear from thought leaders, and navigate this new world we’re living in. 

And for HR and benefits pros, it’s never been more important to stay up to speed on all of the changes happening right now — from updated IRS guidelines to figuring out how to support stressed-out employees who are worried about their personal health and finances

The good news is that lots of HR leaders are sharing ideas right now that will help us redefine our approach to work, communicate better with our employees, and come out on the other side of the pandemic stronger than ever. Here are a few of our favorite recent webinars:

1. The Path to a Successful COVID-19 Open Enrollment

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If you’re like most HR pros, you’ve spent the year helping your company adjust to remote work, managing furloughs or layoffs, and finding new ways to support your stressed-out employees. 

That probably means you haven’t had much time to think about a little thing called open enrollment. But with growing employee health and financial concerns, limited company budgets, and communication obstacles while we’re working from home, it’s never been more important to get open enrollment right. 

This three-part webinar series walks you through everything you need to plan a successful open enrollment—in an especially challenging year. 

2. Redefining access: Mental healthcare in 2021 and beyond

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37% of employees feel their employers aren’t doing enough to support their mental health right now. The good news is that many HR teams are responding by finding new ways to offer help this year. This webinar is a great place to start: it offers meaningful insights on your employees’ biggest mental health challenges, where employers are falling short, and how to address the current social and economic unrest with your workforce. 

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3. Leading Through COVID-19: Build the HR Leader’s Return-to-Workplace Playbook

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In 86% of organizations, HR leaders will be key decision-makers when it comes time to reopen the office. And as much as we’d all like to quickly return to “normal,” the transition won’t be that easy. CHROs will play a unique role by considering the order in which employees will return, environmental factors, employee experience, and how to measure performance in a post-COVID world. In this webinar, a panel of HR leaders shares their plans for returning to the workplace and their insights on how offices may never look the same.

4. What’s Next With Work: Reimagining Leadership, Collaboration, and Culture-Building in a Post-COVID World

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There’s a lot of talk in the news right now about “returning to work” after COVID. But it’s clear to most employers (and their employees) that work as a construct has fundamentally changed. Join Jellyvision’s CEO, Amanda Lannert, for a series of conversations with leaders who are experts at navigating work—and life—with fully remote teams. Together, they’ll discuss how leadership, collaboration, and culture-building will evolve in a post-COVID world.

5. 5 Ways to Become a Great Virtual Communicator and Leader

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Remote work is here to stay, and some of us may never go back to the office—even post-COVID. As we adjust to this new way of working together, we need to reevaluate how we communicate too. This webinar will help HR teams improve their own virtual communication and leadership skills, and train other team members to do the same. 


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