Texting while driving is unequivocally bad. However, lots and lots of people still do it. In fact, at any time during the day, 660,000 people are using their phones while driving. That’s a lot of drivers just asking to play bumper cars in real life.

How can we communicate the dangers of texting and get people to change their behavior? One guy is using the power of sweet, sweet shame.

Brian Singer, a graphic designer in San Francisco, has created a project called TWIT (Texting While in Traffic). He asks you to take pictures of drivers who are messing with their phones in traffic. (Only if you’re a passenger, of course.)

texting while driving

Then the best (i.e., worst) photos are used to create billboards of public shame.

TWIT billboard

So that moron playing Angry Birds on the highway? The next time he looks up from his game, he might find his distracted, dangerous face hovering above the road.

The hope is that the billboards and website will bring attention to how jerky it is to text while driving. No one wants to be a jerk-and NO ONE wants to be a jerk whose jerkiness is displayed 12 feet high.

(H/t: PSFK via Gizmodo. Images: TWIT, Gizmodo.)

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