Tech in Chicago, a podcast dedicated to telling stories of Windy City startups and tech, recently visited Jellyvision and interviewed Amanda for its latest podcast episode.

This episode has everything: tales of sharks, massage chairs and Jellyvision’s “You Don’t Know Jack” past; honest discussions about humor, culture and diversity; advice about networking, selling software and starting and scaling a business.

Also, a few reminders that:

  • It’s important to celebrate small victories
  • You don’t sell to companies; you sell to people
  • The road up is never linear
  • [We] need to solve bigger problems in tech

And lastly, 21 words of wisdom from Amanda: “Find someone who loves you and will tell you the truth, and dream audacious dreams for your business and for yourself.”

So, pop in your earbuds while you’re clearing out your inbox (or while you’re making dinner, like I did!) and give this Tech in Chicago podcast episode a whirl!

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