Here’s an important sign.

Employees Must Wash Hands

Yes, that’s just an ordinary “wash your hands” sign. But that’s the point.

You may not even notice these signs in bathrooms anymore…they all look the same (and that look is boring). These signs have a very important message to share, but it’s getting lost. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to make that old message feel new again?

The Coffee Studio did just that. Here’s their handy-dandy sign:

(no) hands

Not only does this coffee shop get points for a noticeable and effective sign, but they get bonus points for branding. By using their font, color scheme, and voice, they are reinforcing the brand they’ve built up.

Now, every time customers walk in for a dark roast drip and a blueberry scone, they’re truly surrounded by The Coffee Studio brand (even in the loo). And, hopefully, they’ll pay attention and wash their hands.

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