I am a person who is getting married. If you are not a person who is getting married or a person who has gotten married in the past, let me tell you this: weddings are a lot of work.

When you decide to get married and have a wedding, you get your first wedding gift: a to-do list. A to-do list full of things like “book caterer,” “find dress,” and “source doves that represent your pure love.”

Young wedding couple with doves

In the era of Pinterest, you also have the pressure to personalize every detail of your wedding. Custom invites, custom hashtags, and everything DIY. I caught the DIY fever and decided I was going to make a sign out of live flowers, before I remembered that I have no crafting skills, no time, and a brown thumb.

In this pressure cooker environment (a pressure cooker that’s been bedazzled and monogrammed, of course), I get excited about anything that’s easy but still has a personal touch. Enter this email from Uber and Style Me Pretty – a fine piece of damn good communication.

a wedding email from Uber

Things I love about this email:

  • It’s customized to me and what’s going on in my life
  • It’s unexpected, friendly, and kinda sweet
  • It requires minimum effort on the part of me, the frazzled bride-to-be…
  • But persuades me to recommend Uber’s product in a way that doesn’t feel icky

What a clever way to introduce Uber to a new audience. Now if you’ll excuse me, one of my doves is loose.

Email image: Uber & Style Me Pretty

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