If you’re a broker toying with the idea of offering ALEX to some of your clients this year, here are some reasons to make the leap.

1. ALEX helps brokers attract and retain customers in a big way

It’s true. Brokers who offer ALEX have a distinct advantage over their competition when it comes both to landing new business and getting existing clients to not switch over to the brokers constantly knocking at their door.


Because there’s truly nothing on the market nearly as engaging or effective at driving real behavior change during open enrollment as ALEX. Once a prospect or existing customer compares the unusually engaging, personalized, interactive experience ALEX provides against the plan calculators, comparison chart software, and one-size-fits-all custom videos other brokers bring to the table, the difference becomes crystal clear.

As some of our most enthusiastic broker partners have recently said:

“Every client I showed ALEX to last year jumped on it. Even the one client I really thought wouldn’t do it loved it and gave it really good reviews! I was completely caught off guard, in a good way.”
—Brandy Oglesby, Senior Vice President, Benefits Consultant Lead, Alliant

“A number of times, when it’s come down to a prospect deciding between me and another broker, I’ve won out, in large part because I was offering ALEX and they weren’t. ALEX is a true differentiator and now that those prospects are my clients, they love it.”
—David Madej, USI Insurance Services

2. ALEX helps brokers spend less time doing communications grunt work, and more time meeting individual clients’ needs

The comic Jim Gaffigan has a great bit where he says, “You know what it’s like having a fourth kid? Imagine you’re drowning, then someone hands you a baby.”

Around enrollment season, over-extended brokers feel the same way. If you’re not busy cranking out benefits booklets, you’re on the road giving benefits presentations to employees of varying enthusiasm levels…or taking a two-hour nap in your car.

Because ALEX does such a great job of answering employee questions and giving them confidence about their choices, brokers don’t have to do as much legwork and instead can focus on higher-level strategic solutions…a much better use of their precious time.

“I used to have to schedule as many as 12 benefits meetings during the two weeks of open enrollment. With ALEX, I’m able to cut those meetings down to just two simple Q&A sessions.”
–Laura Moore, Health and Wellness Specialist, Allianz Global Assistance

3. ALEX delivers ROI in a huge way (and what broker client doesn’t like that?)

Not only does ALEX reduce the time and stress burden for brokers, broker clients that use ALEX often see eye-popping ROI. For example, after using ALEX:

Loyola University Chicago saw a 50% decrease in benefits-related employee questions—and got back the 140 hours a year they once spent planning new hire orientation meetings
Adobe reduced its ACA tax liability by $4.7 million
Extra Storage Space saw their HDHP enrollment grow from 30% to 65% across 1,400 locations
Universal Forest Products saw a 50% increase in HSA enrollments
Comcast saw a 30% increase in FSA participation
Medtronic employees were 82% more likely to enroll in 401(k) plans

Because ALEX uses cutting-edge behavioral science and humor to drive actual behavior change in employees, benefits departments not only meet their OE goals, they exceed them. Which not only makes them extremely happy with ALEX, it makes them extremely happy with their broker pal who recommended ALEX in the first place.

4. An ALEX conversation can be set up very quickly

The last reason brokers turn to ALEX especially during crunch time is that it takes very little time to get ALEX set up for your clients—often, a matter of just a few days. And the more conversations you build and review, the quicker you’ll get.

If you’re interested in learning more, get in touch with one of our friendly reps now. It could be the best OE decision you ever make.

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