As you’re considering the best ways to get your employees to take the actions you’d like this enrollment season (be it using a new solution, going to your benefits fair, or joining the company wellness program), push yourself to think like a marketer.

In other words, put yourself in the shoes of the many types of people who will actually be receiving the communications you’re putting out in the world. Then challenge yourself to address their concerns, worries, and motivations in the most engaging way possible.

You want suggestions? We got suggestions.

1. Answer the question “What’s in it for me?”

All of us – even super-evolved types like you and me – tend to jump right to the question: why should I care? Or: what’s in it for me?

So, in your marketing materials, be sure to answer that question. Will engaging with Solution X save employees the regret they might feel is they missed out on potential savings? Will it give them peace of mind?

In short, don’t just tell your employees what they should be doing. Tell them why it matters to them. In as few words as possible.

2. Don’t be shy about talking dollars and cents

Employees are definitely thinking about the bottom line, so why not use that to your advantage? Instead of leading with a generic ‘Let Solution X help you choose your benefits’ message, consider something more pointed like: ‘Are you sure last year’s plan is saving you the most money? Double check with Solution X.’

3. Consider appealing to specific sub-groups of employees

In addition to your one-size-fits-all messages, consider creating messaging that appeals directly to those folks most likely to want to pay extra-special attention to their benefits plan options this year. For example, some of your posters or banner ads might ask:

  • Did you get married this year?
  • Did you get a divorce?
  • Did you have a kid?
  • Are there some super-fun orthodontia costs in your future?
  • Did anyone in your family start taking any new medications this year?
  • Are you unlikely to definitely not going to pore over every page of the benefits guide this year?

The message would conclude: if so, check in with Solution X.

4. Tailor your awareness campaign to your workforce

This is sort of a no-brainer, but it’s worth mentioning anyway.

Do a big percentage of your employees work in the field, away from the internet? If so, an email-heavy campaign probably isn’t the best plan. Instead, you might focus on distributing break room posters and fliers. Send postcards to the home. Ask on-site manager to call a meeting. And provide managers with talking points to discuss during their stand-up meetings with staff.

5. Sprinkle in some humor, when appropriate

We’re big believers that incorporating a little tactful humor into the dry, impersonal world of benefits can go a long way towards getting your employees to perk up and listen more carefully to what you have to say.

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