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We made it. We’re at the end of our crash course. You’ve set everything up – now all you have to do is execute your plan and track your important metrics.

Recommendations for tracking your goals

  • For your hard goals, like signups or contributions, set up at least 4 “check-ins” throughout your campaign for progress against your goals. We touched on this in Tip #4. You want to be able to make course corrections in your campaign if you are not progressing the way you planned. These corrections may include doing more in a particular communication channel or opening up a new channel.
  • For your soft goals like satisfaction levels or level-of-understanding metrics, and especially if you’re using a survey to collect this information, you should consider sending out the survey as soon as possible after an employee has completed open enrollment. This will ensure that the response rate will be as high as possible, and the feedback will be fresh and top of mind.
  • For both the hard goals and the soft goals, create and measure these with an expectation that you will be using some or all of these next year. When next year rolls around, you’ll be able to dust these off and then benchmark next year’s campaign against this year.

One final recommendation: Once the dust settles and open enrollment is done, take the time to list “What Went Well (WWW) and Could’ve been better if (CBI).” This review is simple as it’s just two lists, but it is a very powerful summary. WWW/CBI will let you celebrate the positive items and capture the things you can do better the next time around.

(If you missed the first four posts in our series, check them out here: Tip #1: Begin with the end in mind; Tip #2: Don’t be boring; Tip #3: See the world through your employees’ eyes; Tip #4: Out-of-the-box communication ideas and planning.

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We hope this series of blog posts were helpful to you. Don’t forget to download “The Ultimate Open Enrollment Communication” ebook for much more on how to rock out your communication during this open enrollment season.

Good luck with everything, and if we can help you in any way, please let us know. We’re standing by!


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