If you’re an employee who’s just signed up for a new health care plan–say, an HDHP after you’ve had an HMO or PPO for years–you’re understandably going to feel a little sweaty about actually using the darn thing when the new plan year begins.

And I’d bet you’re going to be MOST stressed and confused the first time you set out to get health care. Specifically, your first doctor’s visit, or your first visit to the pharmacy to fill a prescription.

With that in mind, we here at ALEX created two editable handouts for HR teams to give their employees that tells those employees exactly what to expect (and do) for those “firsts,” with links out to helpful information included.

We created them in PowerPoint so you and your benefits colleagues can plug in your own company-specific URLs and add/subtract from the content as you see fit (though we’d suggest not making it much longer than what we’ve laid out).

Want these for your workforce? Just click below. They’re free!

Download the “first visit to the doctor” new plan info sheet now!

Download the “first visit to the pharmacy” new plan info sheet now!

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