motivator-title-copyHappy Fun Friday, friends!

With open enrollment nearing for many of you, we thought it was exactly the right time to unveil our latest, greatest HR Superhero. If you had warm fuzzy feelings towards Onboardia the Good, or HSAlly and FSArah, the Pre-Tax Savings Supertwins, or The Amazing E-Male, or X-Ray Fay: Recruiting Genius, we think you’ll also enjoy meeting the newest member of the team: The Motivator! (Pronounced “Da Moti-vay-tah.”

Download free mini-posters of all 7 of our HR Superheroes right here!




Feel like printing this sucker out and putting in your cube? Do it! Know any HR and/or recruiting pals who might get a kick out of this? Feel free to share! And if you have any ideas for superheroes we should add to the team, please let us know in the comments below.